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MapInfo Pro v16 is here.

MapInfo Pro visualises the relationships between data and geography making  it fast and easy for you to create, share and use maps as it turns business data into strategic insight.

Visualise data your way, right away.

The latest release of the world’s premier desktop GIS just got simpler, faster and smarter.

Enhanced in so many ways, the new MapInfo Pro software lets you visualise data and capitalise on those insights in less time than ever. It’s never been easier to be more precise, productive and successful.

  • New interactive interface for thematic mapping
  • On demand access to global geocoding included
  • Improved support for OGC standards, including WMTS
  • Faster, more intuitive Layout Designer
  • Significant raster GIS improvements with MapInfo Pro Advanced and much more...



The full experience

The free trial also includes the highly performant raster GIS capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced. The latest release takes performance further, with improved visualisation, analysis and productivity enhancements:

  • Support for creating grids from multiple files (including LiDAR/.LAS datasets)
  • Additional capabilities in the powerful Grid Calculator
  • New grid interpolation methods.

Don't have a 64-bit operating system? You can still download a free trial of V15 (32-bit).

Download MapInfo Pro v15 (32bit)

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