Geospatial enablement of the primary industries through satellite imagery eBook

How satellite-based imagery service and advanced image analysis can benefit the New Zealand primary industries.

An in-depth analysis of how geospatial tools are enabling significant business enhancements across the New Zealand primary industries to support social, environmental and sustainability needs.

This eBook provides insight to the benefits and use cases for satellite and aerial imagery within the New Zealand primary industries. Alongside several valuable use cases, you will find a range of critical questions you can use to evaluate the need for geospatial enablement within your operations.

The use cases will examine the following:

  • Satellite imagery's potential to support operational efficiency (e.g. to plan and communicate information relating to a property; to perform site inspections)
  • Satellite imagery's capability to provide evidence for land-based policy and projects (e.g. to support consent applications and policy/advocacy work).
Critchlow - eBook - Primary industries satellite imagery eBook

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