Map ETS Carbon Accounting Areas (CAA's) with ease using satellite imagery  

Forestry managers need to map their forest land into CAA's (for calculating carbon gains and losses) to register in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Carbon Accounting Areas for ETS need to be mapped & submitted by  30th June 2023 

The benefits of utilising high-resolution satellite imagery to do this include: 

  • fast, easy, reliable and affordable method of securing all the imagery you need to capture and map your CAA's
  • With post-1989 forest land also needing to be mapped into CAAs, you can take advantage of huge archival imagery libraries
  • Support your organisation’s efforts to lower carbon emissions by using satellites for this data capture, rather than emissions-producing aircraft
  • No waiting for aerial imagery to be flown and processed - the imagery you need is available quickly. 

Contact us today to find out how high-resolution satellite imagery can transform your CAA mapping for ETS.

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