Improve your transport route planning to deliver better returns: The four pillars of effective transport route planning & optimisation for New Zealand businesses

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If your business provides a delivery or collection service, or if you’re a service provider that visits many places in a day, then your business would benefit from robust route planning and optimisation. Improvements in this area reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies and customer experience.

However, it can be a confusing process to determine your requirements for route planning and optimisation and we’re here to help you. With the constantly changing character of New Zealand’s roads and addresses, you need a solution that reflects this and provides the robust engine that accommodates your unique business rules.

In this webinar, we show you how to get the most of your investment in route planning and optimisation.


Webinar topics:

In the recording, we cover the four pillars to route planning and optimisation in New Zealand that will allow you to create efficiencies and reduce cost.

  1. Pillar One - Address data
  2. Pillar Two - Road data
  3. Pillar Three - Route optimisation engine
  4. Pillar Four - Business rules

Meet the webinar facilitator:

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Jacob Pescini

Senior Business Development Manager
at Critchlow Geospatial